Using Visual Communication for Education and Business. 

Our Story

Our lives depend on the way we communicate with one another. Miscommunication leads to isolation, misunderstanding, tension, mistrust or boredom. That belief is at the heart of everything we do at HAPY.

We believe:

  • Word is a tool to communicate and is not perfect.
  • Picture is a tool to communicate and is not perfect.
  • Words and pictures complement each other and provide a better solution to ease communication.

Who we serve:

We serve care leaders and educators like you, who value the importance of effective communication and are keen to include pictures as part of their resources.

Teaching methods that include visual materials are more effective and effortless. Visual  resources save time.

This is what we can do for you: transform your Standard Resources into visual and easy to understand materials. Standard Resources converted into images can provide you with powerful tools to communicate clearly and give your clients well deserved service.

How about you? How can we help you? Which of your resources would you like us to turn into visual communication tools?

We look forward to receiving your requests.

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