HAPY Publications Inc. creates Illustrations, Visual Aids, Graphic Art and Design for teachers as well as care organizations. Our passion is to assist our clients reaching their adult clients with language barriers.

HAPY is here to help you develop the necessary skills and strategies that you can use to recognize which of your written materials need to be visual in order to be the most effective and impactful. At HAPY will you learn how to create visuals that help reflect your story.

Communicating with your clients at the level they are at,  will help you achieve the results that you and your clients deserve. Let’s explore the possibilities of how visual aids can bring your message to life.

Iwona Buziak-Mohamed

Iwona Buziak-Mohamed


The difficulties of communicating in another language are not new to Iwona. Originally from Poland, Iwona immigrated to Canada almost 30 years ago. When she first landed in Canada, she spoke no English. With no personal connections and the inability to communicate, she struggled to understand the culture and her environment.

Over the next several years, she acquired a basic level of English which allowed her to become functional in her new country. From the time of her arrival, she has been earning her living as a freelance artist while maintaining two or sometimes three additional jobs to help her improve her English.

Today as a fully integrated Canadian citizen, she uses her artistic talents to help people like herself integrate into their home environment. Oftentimes, these individuals are newcomers, persons with disabilities and elderly in the community. 

Iwona founded HAPY;  a creative outlet that provides her clients with customized visuals to suit their business needs by reaching clients in a more direct and personal way.


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