“Life is like a Crossword Puzzle”

HAPY stands for Home-Art-People-You.

Basic necessities of life:

  • Home – Your place to live
  • Art – Your skills
  • People – Your family, friends, community
  • You – Are You HAPpY?

The missing P in a word HAPpY represents the Places we leave behind. It also shows that we misspell, misunderstand and miscommunicate easily.

People leave their home country for many reasons. Some people make that decision happy and they start a new life easily in another country, while for others this is a hard  process. This can prove to be especially difficult if they don’t speak the language of their new home country.

Canada is a great country to live a good life in, but the process we go through is a tough one.

You basically start your life from zero, you have to learn to live in the new environment, adapt and integrate.

Leaving your country is hard, no matter the reason for your decision to leave. You should know that there will be times you will miss your home and the people you left behind.