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Head On(line) Photo Festival 1-17 May – HeadOn Photo Festival Medicinal Plant Cycles series, 2-17 May Artist Talk Saturday 9 May at 5pm Sydney time

Visual learners and nature lovers, may appreciate this activity set.
It illustrates wildflowers of the Granite Belt, one of many beautiful and diverse areas in Australia. Designed to help learn the scientific and common names of the flowers by hands-on activity.

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Granite-Belt Wildflowers Activity Cards set is a project of two artists collaborating to provide a simple and fun art activity. 

Artist Renata Buziak creates works of art from decaying plants.  Her art is abstract; the plants in her works are sometimes unrecognizable. Renata can use these cards to help her audience learn about the flowers she used to create her artwork.

Iwona  Buziak is a graphic artist and illustrator based in Canada. She works with individuals and organizations who want to enhance communication with their clients. Her focus is on visual aids for adults.

Granite-Belt Wildflowers Activity Cards provide educational components engaging for both children and adults. While having fun crafting their own image, the activity enables the audience to find out which plants were used in the artworks, learn their common and botanical names, and reflect on personal experiences in the natural environment.


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