Daily Dozen

Hallway Exercise Stations for Senior Residents
The project is intended for seniors, many of whom are low income and new Canadians who speak limited English. Many of them live with physical challenges.
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Collaborative volunteer project

Daily Dozen –

Hallway Exercise Stations for Senior residents

The idea for this project originated with participants in group exercise classes in their building. Participation in these classes contributes to seniors’ sense of belonging and reduces their social isolation. This project will support these seniors to engage in physical activity during the days that their class is not held. In addition, this project will reach seniors who are unable to attend the classes and will facilitate social interaction during the hallway walking routine.

Project description

Our project, Daily Dozen is a set of 12 carefully selected exercises for seniors promoting regular physical activity.

The concept was inspired by Silvana Valentone and conceived by Barbara Campbell, who felt that an easy set of exercises posted within the hallways of Ottawa Community Housing residences would motivate seniors to engage in a regular hall walking program supplemented by the Daily Dozen.

The exercises are based on Canada’s Physical Activity Guidelines for Seniors and were selected by Ms Campbell and Dr Rolfe. Iwona Buziak-Mohamed, a visual artist, designed the posters and has tested them with seniors. Posters would be displayed in the hallways of Ottawa Senior Residences.

Daily Dozen targets seniors seeking ways to be physically active, particularly during the cold winter, humid summer months and during inclement weather.

The Daily Dozen is intended to supplement a daily hall walking routine.

Each exercise is visually represented on a poster, which is laminated and mounted permanently on the wall.

Our Project collaborative Team

Iwona Buziak-Mohamed
Iwona Buziak-Mohamed

Project Daily Dozen

Volunteer Facilitator of ESL Senior Circle and Graphic Artist

Why I participate in Daily Dozen?


Barbara Campbell
Barbara Campbell

Project Daily Dozen

Retired Educational Assistant with OCDSB. Volunteer with SEOCHC and OHC to help with seniors social integration programs in her apartment building. 

Why I participate in Daily Dozen?

Danielle Rolfe
Danielle Rolfe

Project Daily Dozen

Registered Kinesiologist, PhD (Exercise Science), volunteer exercise instructor with South East Ottawa Community Health Centre


Silvana Valentone
Silvana Valentone

Project Daily Dozen

ESL Teacher; Program Coordinator, Seniors Circles, with the Catholic Centre for Immigrants (CCI) Ottawa

Project volunteer positions available:

  • The project manager or assistant
  • Residence Management help in obtaining a permit to introduce Daily Dozen to their Residence
  • Legal advice to make sure that everything is done within the rules 
  • Copywriter
  • Printer
  • Secretary
  • Technicians
  • Public Relations 
  • Graphic Designer
  • Photographer

Hallway Exercise Stations for Senior Residents details – second draft

Revised and simplified Daily Dozen set of exercises – thank you, everyone, for your feedback. The best results are based on the feedback we get.

  1. Walk for 5-10 minutes to warm up the body. Walk at a pace that is a challenge, but you should still be able to carry a conversation (but not sing!).
  2. Leg Extension (Strength) – face the wall and place both hands on the wall, weight is shifted to the left leg, right leg is straight and extended behind the body to strengthen the buttocks. Repeat 12 times and then switch to the other side.
  3. Toe raises – stand against wall (hold for balance if needed), raise toes off ground, heels remain on floor, and then place them back in starting/standing position. Repeat 12 times.
  4. Heel raises – stand facing wall (hold for balance if needed), raise heels off ground, toes remain on floor, and then place them back in starting/standing position. Repeat 12 times.
  5. Wall push up – standing about two feet away from the wall, bend the elbows and bring the torso closer to the wall. Keep back straight and neck above shoulders. Do not bend over! Repeat 12 times
  6. Shoulder shrug – raise both shoulders to the ears (looks like “I don’t know”) and then lower. Repeat 12 times.
  7. Lateral shoulder raises – start with arms at sides. Raise arms to shoulder height or lower, hold and then lower back down to sides. Repeat 12 times.
  8. Chest stretch – place hands on hips and squeeze elbows together behind the back. Hold for 30-60 seconds.
  9. Hip and calf stretch – face the wall and place both hands on wall lower than shoulder height. Step right foot back about a metre away from the front foot. Straighten the right leg and bend the left knee. Push the right heel into the ground. Keep upper body upright. Hold for 30-60 secs and repeat on other side.
  10. Neck stretch – drop left ear to left shoulder and hold for 30-60 seconds. Repeat on other side.
  11. Tandem walk – pretend to walk on a tightrope – walk forward placing right heel in front of left toes, left heel in front of right toes, continue in a straight line on the floor. Try doing this going backward, or turn around and walk back to starting point in the same way.
  12. Walk 5-10 minutes to cool down.
1- Walk
2 – Leg Extension – Strength
3 – Toe raises – Strength
4- Heel Raises – Strenght
5 – Wall Push-ups – Strength
6 – Shoulder Shrug
7 – Lateral Shoulder Raises
8 – Chest Stretch
9 – Hip and Calf Stretch
10 – Neck Stretch
11 – Tandem Walk – Balance
12 – Walk

Special Events

Summer 2018

We are Presenting at Summer Soup Ottawa 2018! (SoupOttawa.ca)

  • Soup Ottawa will help us raise awareness about how physical activity can promote a healthier lifestyle and, in turn, help reduce social isolation among seniors.
  • Our project will benefit the community but we may not be eligible for formal funding.
  • We are hoping to find a network of people and make our project come to life easier and faster.

So come out to Hooley’s on Elgin on

June 14 for soup and a vote to support our Daily Dozen!

Julianna Buziak is 69 years old today (21 May-2018) Happy Birthday, Julianna. She is physically active. Besides exercising daily she bikes,  swims and walks. She never drove a car, a bicycle is her only transportation. She is the model for the Daily Dozen Hallway Exercise Stations for Seniors Residents. She is also my mother.