Daily Dozen

Visual Guide for Seniors exercise routine

What is Daily Dozen?

Don’t we want to grow old healthy and fit?

Yes, we do.

Then why do we hesitate to help those who are already older to get at least the recommended daily physical activity?

Daily Dozen is a Visual Guide for Seniors to exercise regularly. 
It is a set of 12 hallway exercises and stations geared to senior residents to promote daily physical activity.  Staying physically active is critical for Seniors’ well being and independence.

It is a volunteer project spearheaded by HAPY.ca and a handful of women with diverse backgrounds but the same goal, to help older adults live healthier and happier lives.  Exercising, even for a few minutes a day, will not only contribute to our seniors’ physical health but also improve their emotional well-being, which in turn will reduce their social isolation.

To learn more about our Daily Dozen, visit our page. And if you’d like to support our project, come out for soup and a vote to next Soup Ottawa event this Thursday,  June 14 at Hooley’s Pub on Elgin Street.

Register your ticket HERE. Vote for Daily Dozen and please consider volunteering with us 🙂

  1. Our project is based on the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for Older Adults but only a small amount of Seniors are getting a recommended daily amount of exercise.
  2. Many Seniors already use Hallways for daily walking routine, especially during the cold winter or humid summer days when it is hard or impossible for them to go outside.
  3. The cost of our project would be relatively low.