You have an idea but it takes more than 2 hands? You have 2 hands but no idea? Let’s create a project together. Collaborations need patience and a lot of work, but the results are awesome!

Case Study: Daily Dozen – Visual Guide: Exercise for Seniors 65+ was inspired by the Canadian Health Guidelines for 65+. - Visual Guide: Exercise for Seniors 65+ design-Iwona-Buziak

Daily Dozen – Visual Guide: Exercise for Seniors 65+ is a set of 12 simple exercises that any community housing can use to help encourage their tenants to be more socially and physically active. 

Installed on the long hallway walls of the apartment buildings, these visual aids act as an interactive piece of art. Tenants using the hallways for their walking routines during the cold winters or hot summer days can include Daily Dozen as part of their daily walks. 

Daily Dozen is an example of collaboration between several people: a Senior’s program coordinator, artist, gym instructor, and the active Ottawa Community Housing tenants wanting to improve their lives. The tenants participated in the selection and design process of the exercises  and the Ottawa Community Housing management approved the project. 


Idea - Daily Dozen

Daily Dozen idea started a while ago, you can read about it here.


Team - Daily Dozen

Read our out our Daily Dozen Team here.


List - Daily Dozen

Check the list of exercises in our Daily Dozen here.


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