Christmas Lunch Karaoke

For Everyone

Christmas activity:

 Lunch with Karaoke?

December 2018

Music, songs and pictures – is there a better way to celebrate an event?

Especially when you can sing along.

A community centre is helping seniors celebrate holidays by sharing the space and the kitchen.
+55 Multi-Cultural Seniors’ Club Program at Foster Farm Community Centre organized a turkey Christmas lunch with karaoke.

A large group of seniors attended the event despite the cold weather and the difficulties of taking a city bus.

CCI volunteer group has contributed with their time and fun activities with Picture Dictionary activity cards.

We had a scheduled ESL (English as a Second Language) workshop with those seniors. Together with a Senior program coordinator at CCI, Silvana Valentone, we had a pleasure to join the group.

The holiday atmosphere, lunch and karaoke didn’t let us have much time for the workshop, but we had a good time. We created fun and easy to use flashcards and quickly organized a choir made of pretending Christmas trees, stars, gifts, and a whole orchestra. Together, we sang Jingle Bells. It didn’t matter that no one could hold a tune, we had fun, and that was the point.

Activity for seniors can be easily provided for any group size.

The visual materials we used were meant to serve small or large groups. The volunteer or a  facilitator for those activities will have a range of choices in using a set of cards. The set consists of 16 pages. It has 9 black and white printable activity cards on a page. For a small group – you can choose to print on white paper. Depending on the type of activity, time available to you and the level of the language integration – you can provide several types of activities to your group.

 Examples of activity of a smaller group:

  1. Print on White paper  
  2. Colour the cards 
  3. Cut the names of the objects and mix the objects and names 
  4. Talk about each object used in the cards (like musical instruments, Christmas tree…) 
  5. Explain how you can use the object 
  6. Have a Q&A between the participants about the objects (like how tall is your tree? …) 
  7. Pretend you go shopping for an object (like buying a music record or Christmas lights) 
  8. Pretend you have to record a song

In our case, we had a large group of seniors who were at a basic level of understanding English. We chose to:

  1. Print the materials on colour paper 
  2. Duplicate the activity cards so no one was excluded 
  3. We had called in order all the different objects so people with those objects could come forward. That way – first we had only Christmas trees, then the stars came after that, then the lights, the instruments and Christmas bells.

Within 2 minutes we had a choir that was standing in order as Christmas trees with stars on :), Seating in front were the “gifts”, the “orchestra” was standing by, ready to start the concert! Without those activity cards, it would be really hard to explain what we want to achieve.  

Next Christmas, come – have a look at our Christmas ESL for Seniors – and see how you can use it. Apply your own ideas and share with us. If you have a special request, don’t hesitate to send us a message.