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 Lunch with Karaoke?

December 2018

A community centre is helping seniors celebrate holidays by sharing the space and the kitchen.
+55 Multi-Cultural Seniors’ Club Program at Foster Farm Community Centre organized a turkey Christmas lunch with karaoke.

A large group of seniors attended the event despite the cold weather and the difficulties taking a city bus.

As a  volunteer, I had a scheduled ESL (English as a Second Language) workshop with those seniors. Together with a Senior program coordinator at CCI, Silvana Valentone, we had a pleasure to join the group.

The holiday atmosphere, lunch and karaoke didn’t let us have much time for the workshop, but we had a good time.
We created fun and easy to use flashcards and quickly organized a choir made of pretending Christmas trees, stars, gifts, and a whole orchestra.

Together, we sang Jingle Bells.
It didn’t matter that no one could hold a tune, we had fun, and that was the point.