Trip to Almonte

July 25, 2018

Community Event

July 25, 2018

Bridging communities by organizing a bus trip

is an old idea but it never seems to expire. An afternoon that often starts with a bus full of strangers going together on a trip to meet another group of strangers happens to be an event that creates new friendships. It gives a chance to get to know a new town or a village. Here are some reasons why trips are important, especially for people new to Canada:
  1. They don’t speak English or French
  2. They don’t know the country
  3. They are afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone
  4. They don’t have the means to travel
  5. They feel different

A bus trip is more expensive than a small local event and it needs sponsors,

but it is the money well spent.

The trip to Almonte, Ontario,

was a wonderful experience for all, the Ottawa immigrant community as well as Almonte locals. Focused on explaining the importance of understanding small town life, and an invitation for New Canadians to consider building their new home in a small community was extended. Roopesh Kakkat is a New Canadian from India. He shared his story of coming to Almonte, his new home. His positive experiences show; his new friends and neighbours made him feel at home and helped him build his new business – Pizza-ria Unlimited. Now he is helping others. The school bus, the scenery, new faces…the food that people shared with each other. The atmosphere of happiness, wonder, and friendship.

This trip to Almonte was organized by:

World Folk Music of Ottawa, thanks to the Carolyn Taylor Community Music Fund

Participating partners include:

Melville – Non-Profit Business & Project Management CCI – Catholic Centre for Immigrants OCCSC – Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre Club Casa de Los Abuelos  – Spanish Community Club