Daily Dozen – Visual Guide to Daily Exercise for 65+

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The “HAPY Visual ID Card” is a personal information folder for a person who can’t speak English in Canada.

HAPY Creative Studio

Serving Organizations assisting New Canadians.

HAPY’s vision

To improve the quality of life for people new to Canada who can’t speak English or French.

HAPY’s mission

To help build Visual Communication Tools that break down language barriers.

What is a HAPY Visual ID Card?

A HAPY Visual ID Card is a personal information Folder for a person who can’t speak English. It is customizable according to your needs.

The Daily Dozen

The Daily Dozen – Hallway Exercise Stations – It is a set of 12 exercises for Senior Residents. This is a collaborative, volunteer project.

What is Your Next Project?

Hiring an interpreter or a translator is not always necessary. Sometimes all you need is a set of Visual Tools to help with basic conversation. HAPY creative Studio is there to help.
Visual Communication Tools can:

  1. Save time and money dealing with people who can’t speak English or French.
  2. Reduce isolation for people with the language barrier.

Language has the same eyes everywhere

– an English Proverb

You are as many a Person as the Languages you know

an Armenian Proverb

Every Picture tells a Story

Charlotte Bronte

Pictures are the Book of the Unlearned

Thomas Fuller

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