Health is #1

Keep physically active

How can Seniors improve their health?

3 questions we often ask regarding our elderly parents, grandparents or friends. And often the answers are simple:

  1. What is the 1 most important thing for seniors? – Health.
  2. What do seniors have to do to improve and keep their health? – Exercise.
  3. Why don’t people exercise? Because they don’t know: how, where and when they should exercise.

Our Daily Dozen team is dedicated to promoting physical activity among seniors.


This is what we can provide:

Pictures of senior-appropriate exercises which would be hung on the hallways walls in the Seniors Apartment Buildings or Residence.

We call it – Daily Dozen.

A Visual Guide – Daily Dozen is a set of 12 pictures of simple exercises printed, laminated and hung on each floor of the seniors’ apartment building. Every few meters a senior who is taking a hallway walk will see a picture of an exercising person and copy the movement. There will be a simple instruction of how many times he or she should repeat the exercise. Every few meters the exercise would be different but complementing the previous one. That way before a senior will get to the end of the hallway – he or she will be able to finish their exercise routine that includes all the Daily Dozen set.

Why do we think that Daily Dozen will help seniors and the community?

3 reasons:

  1. Our project is based on the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for Seniors 
  2. Many Seniors already use Hallways for daily walking routine
  3. The cost of our project is low

Let me expand on that:

1- Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for seniors.

Great concept – it is an online resource unfortunately unavailable to many Seniors. It looks like a written document that people simply can’t or don’t read or are unaware of its existence. It came to my attention when, as a volunteer working with Catholic Centre for Immigrants I was asked to translate Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines to pictures for the Senior Immigrants.

2- Many Seniors already use Hallways for daily walking routine.

While I tasted my prototypes with the Immigrants who live in Ottawa Community Housing I showed my pictures to Barbara, an active Canadian Senior resident who volunteers to help improve the quality of lives of seniors in her building. Immediately she asked if those pictures can be available for all Seniors and if they could be hung on the walls of the hallways in their building. Many seniors in Barbara’s building don’t have access to the internet to find any Physical Activity Guidelines. The pictures on the walls would help Barbara and many of her friends keep physically active. Imagine walking through the empty hallway every day just because you are unable to go out for a walk, especially during those cold winter days.

3- The cost of our project is low

Daily Dozen is a set of 12 pictures of simple exercises printed, laminated and hung on each floor of the seniors’ apartment building. Printing and laminating – could vary depending on the print shop and a cheapest but durable double sided tape would be the way to hang a picture. Daily Dozen is the visual guide to exercise that Barbara’s and many other seniors’ apartment buildings could use.

We invite you to discuss the project to customize it to your needs. We provide our labor of love – Daily Dozen – a Visual Guide to a daily exercise routine to promote physical activity among Seniors in your community. Your organization covers the production cost. Together we can make a difference.

You can check on the Daily Dozen updates here.