Language barrier

Elections – an abstract idea explained visually

How do you explain it to someone who does not even understand the language you speak?

Silvana Valentone, who works with Immigrant Seniors at Catholic Centre for Immigrants came up with the creative idea to use visual aids in order to explain how the Elections work. HAPY created the visual aids that simplify the process. 

This became one of the most popular exercise among the Senior Immigrants. It doesn’t mean people will start voting at the next election. The idea it to create an interactive, inclusive and fun experience. 

Here is our Visual Election guide in 3 steps:

1. Learn about  3 available political parties: Berries, Citrus, Veggies

2. Learn details about all candidates.

3. Choose 1 of the candidates and cast a ballot.

One person counts the collected ballots of each representative. The winner is the candidate who collects the largest number of ballots. The party in charge is the party of the winning candidate.

Link to the online resources regarding the Ontario Election:

The municipal elections – City of Ottawa

Ontario  2018 provincial election The Council on Aging of Ottawa

COA 2018 Provincial Election Priorities GuideThe Council on Aging of Ottawa

Ontario Election 2018 – Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants

How to vote- Elections Ontario

Silvana Valentone – Catholic Centre for Immigrants