Ice Cream Social?

August 24, 2018


August 24, 2018

Have you ever seen a room of strangers enjoying ice cream together?

That’s what Ice Cream Social is. 🙂 It has become a tradition to have social events as often as possible at the Russell Manor, Seniors’ Apartment Building. These get-togethers are inexpensive and bring a lot of joy and fun for the residents and the organizations involved. The purpose of these events is to build a stronger community where seniors aren’t isolated. This time it was a social event called: Ice Cream Social.
Residents cheerfully volunteered to serve the ice cream with lots of yummy toppings. They even had their own DJ playing music from a boombox. It was nice to see the eager volunteers, the  Tenant’s Association, and the many different languages/cultures in the crowd enjoying the festivities together. The side effects? A bunch of people having a good time, getting to know their neighbours and checking up on the health and well being of fellow seniors who are often isolated in their apartments… Do you have an event coming up?  Maybe Ice Cream Social could be one of your top picks as well.

This Ice Cream Social was organized by:

The key tenant volunteers and supported by the Ottawa Community Housing staff and the South East Ottawa Community Health Centre.

This event was funded by:

the Community Development Framework that Russell Manor received for 2018.

Special thanks to:

Julie Picard, OCH

Lydia Botros, SEOCHC