Painting Day at Ottawa Community Housing

June 8, 2018

Collaborative volunteer project

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Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) organized a wonderful event at Russell Manor in Ottawa.

June 8, 2018

Many volunteers gathered to give a hand to OCH staff.  Together they painted the hallways in the Seniors’ Apartment building, making them fresh and inviting.

Stephane Giguere, CEO of OCH, opened the morning, followed by Jean Cloutier, city councillor for Alta Vista Ward.

Most Volunteers came from EDC,  Export Development Canada. It is their third year volunteering with OCH.

The Event was coordinated by Angela Bégin, Manager, at Volunteer Engagement, Ottawa Community Housing Corporation.

Residents also played a big part in the event. They baked delicious goodies to provide breakfast for all the volunteers making sure they were not working hungry.

All teams worked in harmony and by noon the job planned for this day was done!

The event ended with OCH staff and resident volunteers enjoying lunch together.