1. What is the 1 most important thing for seniors? – Health.
  2. What do seniors have to do to improve and keep their health? –Exercise.
  3. Why don’t people exercise? Because they don’t know: how, where and when they should exercise.

The answer to these questions may be obvious but it is easier said than done.

The Daily Dozen will keep our Seniors active and social.

  1. How?  – A picture of each exercise explains how to follow
  2. Where? – In their apartment building hallways
  3. When – It is an individual routine – morning, afternoon or evening 

Project description: 

Daily Dozen – Visual Guide for Daily Physical Activity for 65+

Pictures of senior-appropriate exercising which would be hung on the hallways walls in the Seniors Apartment Buildings or Residences.

Each exercise is:

  1. printed
  2. laminated 
  3. mounted on the wall

Our Daily Dozen team is dedicated to promoting physical activity among seniors.  

Currently, we are working on the design of Daily Dozen.

You can see the list of the chosen exercises in the Daily Dozen – 2nd draft. Please email us if you would like to be notified about the progress. This is a volunteer project. Our labor is free of charge, however, your organization will cover the cost of production and delivery of the posters outside of Ottawa. You may request customization like adding your company logo and company information. We reserve the Copyrights. We want to ensure that Daily Dozen will reach as many Seniors as possible and help them keep active.