A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Thank you for Your support and feedback. It is important for us in creating the best experience for our Seniors. 

Here is what some of the feedback we received:

  1. Great idea! Congratulations on finding a way to include everyone!
  2. Thank you for the story about your OCH experience. This would be a really poignant way to start your presentation so the people understand the rationale for your project (i.e. not just exercise but the community, taking care of others and checking on your neighbours).
  3. It’s a great idea for physical and mental health.
  4. Sell to building owners who have multiple properties, i.e: Minto, Campeau, Richcraft.
  5. I think that what you are doing is awesome and that you’ll be hugely successful with your passion. Exercise/laughter are contagious!
  6. Love that concept! I hope it catches on. You and your team did well.
  7. We’re wondering if buildings will allow wall posters at all? It would be great to come up with a success story so we can see and hear what’s possible. Also, it was fun to hear from all presenters, especially the resident-leader and the kinesiologist!