Chin Radio

July 26, 2018

Community Event

Chin Radio 97.9 FM

Spanish radio program:

  1. host – Raul Rodriguez
  2. co-host –  Jorge Perez

July 26, 2018

Daily Dozen on the Radio!

Silvana Valentone, a Program Coordinator for CCI Ottawa, was a guest at a Spanish radio program on Thursday evening CHIN Radio 97.9 FM

She talked about the variety of Programs for Immigrants the Catholic Centre for Immigrants has to offer. There are programs and services for all age groups.

How did Daily Dozen end up on CHIN Radio?

Silvana, an immigrant herself, with an ESL teaching background, now coordinates CCI Ottawa’s “Seniors Circles”.

While working with these Senior Circles and meeting people who are passionate about helping Seniors in their daily lives; we created Daily Dozen – a Visual Guide for 65+ with a daily exercise routine. Silvana had an opportunity to mention our Daily Dozen project on the air!

If you want to know more about Daily Dozen, please read about it here.

Chin Radio is the Community Hero!