Visual Aids and Activity Books for Adults

Visual Communication

Our visual aids, activity books and publications help adults with language barriers overcome everyday challenges and lead a more independent life.

  • Improve relationships with the people you care for!
  • Master using visual aids with your most vulnerable clients!
  • Grow as a more effective and inclusive communicator!

Visual Aids can help you:

  1. Facilitate conversations that increase participants’ understanding of critical concepts.
  2. Engage people in these conversations through easy and fun activities.
  3. Reduce the resources to ones that are essential and most helpful.

How are these different from other visual aids or activity books?

  1. These books are created specifically for older adults with language barriers.
  2. Each book has a unique theme based on real problems and challenges.
  3. These visual aid formulas were tested during the many hours of volunteer work with senior Immigrants within the community.
Book cover - Elections=Choices-Iwona Buziak-Mohamed

Elections = Choices

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This activity book is your best Visual Aid for a conversation with a senior with language barriers about making choices.

You can explain the basic concept of elections or help someone choose between food options and learn new vocabulary.

Wen Jean speaks about the ESL for Seniors Program

Elections = Choices