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Communicate more effectively

using simple visuals

Unclear Communication

Results: Frustration

Your resources should include graphics. Your resources should ease communications. Your staff and Clients will understand more  quickly.

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Happy staff, happy clients

are those who understand your message.

Use visual resources to make sure your message is clear. We will turn your words into simple pictures that are fun and easy to understand. 

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Our Products

Our collection of Visual Resources

Customizable Visual Resources

Creating specific Visual Resources

How it works;

1. Analyze your current resources

2. Choose one to turn to visual

3. Contact us to create a specific visual resource 


HAPY™ Picture Dictionary on Demand

This is a fun and interactive visual resource, which provides a unique approach to learning the language.

HAPY™  visual ID card

This is a personal information folder for a person who can’t speak English.

HAPY™ Election

This is a visual, simple and fun activity explaining how a basic election works.

Photo Gallery

Our visual resources in action

Download a free copy of HAPY™ Visual Election Poster

Our News

Mindfulness and Aging

Visual learners or people with a language barrier may be missing out on information simply because of the lack of visual resources. Visual aid for mindfulness? Mindfulness seems like a complicated concept to understand if you add a language barrier to the equation and...

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