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About HAPY Publications

HAPY Publications is an independent publisher of visual aids, activity books and publications that shed light on the importance and benefits of using visual aids in communication with people with language barriers. 

Based in Canada, our primary focus is to help the diverse adult Canadian population to lead an independent everyday life.

Since many organizations have closed their doors to their face-to-face programs, adults and particularly seniors who are unable to use the internet, have lost their connection to the outside world. It is extremely important to reach these people and give them the support they need to not feel excluded. 

We do not receive any financial support from the Government of Canada or any other institution. If you are interested in supporting our work, please contact iwona(at)hapy(dot)ca,

Iwona Buziak-Mohamed

Iwona Buziak-Mohamed


Iwona Buziak-Mohamed is a Canadian Immigrant, an artist and founder of HAPY Publicatons. She has volunteered many hours at Seniors programs and recognizes the threat of isolation that many immigrants face due to language barriers.

Iwona founded HAPY Publications to create awareness of ongoing challenges and encurage caregivers to use more visual aids in communication with people they care for.