Visual Aids and Activity Books

For Your Diverse Clients

Who this is for:

This is for a Program Coordinator, ESL Facilitator, Caregiver or a Family member who cares for someone with language barriers.

Are you tired of:

1. Repeating yourself trying to explain something to a person with a language barrier? 

2. Losing people’s interest because they can’t understand you?

3. Carrying piles of picture books and boxes of pictures but when you need one, there is no way to find it?

What a visual aid or activity book can help you with:

1. Facilitate conversations that increase participants’ understanding of critical concepts.

2. Engage people in these conversations through easy and fun activities.

3. Reduce the resources to ones that are essential and most helpful.

How are these different from other visual aids and activity books?

  • They are created specifically for adults with language barriers.
  • Each book has a unique theme based on real problems and challenges.
  • They were tested during many hours of volunteer work with senior Immigrants.

So what’s the plan?

Try one of the activity books and learn how it will change your view on the resources you currently use to communicate your message.

1. Improve the relationship with people you care for.

The people you care for will appreciate your efforts and in return they will give you their trust. You are their hero. 

2. Master using visual aids with most vulnerable clients.

When you help people express themselves, their daily challenges will become easier to deal with.

3. Grow as a more effective and inclusive communicator.

Your efforts will help people overcome the fear of socializing and communicating with others. 

Wen Jean speaks about the ESL for Seniors Program

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Elections = Choices

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This book encourages people to choose between options. You can explain the basic concept of elections or help someone choose between food options and learn new vocabulary. Buziak-Mohamed

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